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Metro Ethernet,  or Metro-E is the ultimate way to connect to the Cloud. The future of all cloud connections, Metro-E will eventually replace older methods of long-distance networking. Delivered over fiber-optics or fixed wireless, Metro-E provides highly-reliable, equal upstream and downstream speeds from 5 Megabits to 10 GigE at affordable rates. Metro-E is future proof! Once Metro-E is installed in your business, you can scale to higher speeds without needing to install a new service.


Metro-E uses the same Ethernet standards that are used on your local area network (LAN). Think of it as a network patch cable that stretches down the street and plugs directly into the Internet. While traditional DSL or cable service have asymmetric or unequal downstream and upstream speeds, Metro-E provides symmetric bandwidth, so you can enjoy high network speeds in both directions. Symmetric bandwidth is a critical feature needed to ensure good performance of remote cloud services, remote control for telecommuters, file uploads, video conferencing, Voice over IP (VoIP), and offsite backups. 


Metro-E speeds start at 5 Megabits and can go as high as 1 Gigabit depending upon your budget and Internet traffic needs. As your bandwidth needs are likely to increase over time, Metro-E speeds can be increased at any time using the same connection with no disruptions.


Your Metro-E connection requires fiber-optics or fixed wireless dish. Availability and monthly cost of this service depends on your location and your proximity to fiber-optic trunk lines or line of sight to a central fixed wireless tower. Call today to request a no-cost site assessment and price quote.