Cloud Connectors

A Cloud Connector, more commonly known as Business-Class Internet Access, is the direct physical network link between your premises and the Internet. Access to the Internet provides your network connection to the providers that host cloud services vital to the operation of your business.

StarMax provides multiple types of cloud connectors that may use copper phone wires, coaxial cable, fiber-optics, or wireless. The type that is best for your business depends on many factors including your bandwidth needs, your geographic location, your budget, and how critical Internet access is to your business.

Cloud Connector Type Bandwidth Speeds Symmetry Carrier Type
SDSL 128K up to 1.0M Symmetric Telephone Line
T1 1.5M up to 6.0M Symmetric Telephone Line
HSD 7Mx1M up to 50Mx5M Asymmetric Coax Cable
Metro-E Fiber-Optic 5M up to 10GigE Symmetric Fiber-Optics
Metro-Dish 5M up to 1GigE Symmetric Wireless